Transport by rail

Transport by rail provides fast and efficient access deep into Europe. Especially over long distances, rail is the modality of choice. The rail terminal at APM Terminals Maasvlakte II has a favourable location, being situated centrally beside the main railway line and with a direct link to the Betuwe Line that connects Rotterdam with Germany.

Reliable handling

The rail terminal at APM Terminals MVII is centrally located beside the main railway line on Maasvlakte. Partly as a result of its good accessibility, we have decided to open the rail terminal for containers of other deep-sea terminals and distribution/chemical companies in the surrounding as well. Communication regarding custom documentation and pre-notification takes place via Portbase. Through this platform the rail operator will get feedback on the status of the container. Transparency and information exchange are crucial in supply chain planning. Therefore we will predict the expected discharge time of import containers at the terminal. At the terminal itself, you will see that a very large part of the work is automated. For example, the supply and dispatch of containers takes place entirely automatically with the help of stacking cranes and automatic vehicles. In addition, a large part of the crane process has been automated; only in the manned areas is the rail crane operated manually.

Developing together

The rail product of the port of Rotterdam is in need of a boost. Together we aim to ensure that existing connections are known in the marketplace, and that opportunities are created to set up new connections. APM Terminals MVII is contributing to this effort with Lifting Intermodal. Through this website we are promoting intermodal connections together with the rail operator. APM Terminals MVII wants to enter into a partnership with the operator, aiming at providing customers with good service levels and achieving improvements together.

Intermodal network

Our Lifting Intermodal platform provides an overview of the available inland waterway connections, including the inland terminal destinations and operators. After completing certain details (container number/vessel name and origin/destination) the intermodal planner shows the intermodal connections that best suit a particular import or export container flow.

Accessable for third party containers and Ditribution companies

APM Terminals Maasvlakte II (APMT MVII) has her rail terminal located at the center of Maasvlakte, directly next to the port rail connection. The location of our rail terminal makes for an excellent consolidation point for both maritime and continental volumes at Maasvlakte. The Open Access Rail Terminal (OART) concept enables rail operators to bundle cargo other than regular import- and export cargo at APMT MVII. More info

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