Q&A Overview

An overview of all the questions

How can I pre-announce breakbulk and/or out-of-gauge cargo?

OOG cargo can be pre-announced via the normal pre-announcement procedure via Portbase with a ‘Flat’ number. Brak bulk cargo can be pre-announced too via the normal procedure with the bookings number or the unique breakbulk number. The Supporting Services team is responsible for breakbulk and can be reached via MVII.specialcargo@apmterminals.com.

How can physical documents (T2L, T2F, TIR, ATA CARNET) be delivered at the terminal?

Upon arrival at the terminal, there is an (emergency) desk next to the parking where physical documents can be delivered. The documents still need to be electronically pre-announced to get an OK status. At the (emergency) desk, the documents can be scanned. But, this has to be done before the treshold of the truck time slot.

How can I pre-announce intra-community cargo (ICT)?

In Portbase (PCS) in the service Notification Export Documentation, intra-community cargo can be pre-annouced.

What will happen if the terminal has a technical disruption?

In case there is a technical disruption, containers cannot be pre-announced. When the problem is fixed, you will receive a message. When the technical disruption occurs after the pre-announcement and feedback, APMTMVII will communicate if the disruption has implications for you.

How can a truck time slot be requested at the terminal?

You can request a time slot via Portbase (PCS) in the service Road Planning. Hereby, you will receive a TAR (Truck Appointment Refference) number, with this number access to the terminal can be obtained.

How will the truck time slots be assigned?

Truck time slots will be assigned on the basis of the sequence of the pre-announcement, the principle ‘first come, first served’ will be used.

How long is a truck time slot?

The truck time slots at APM Terminals MVII are 30 minutes with a grace of 45 minutes before and after the time slot. A truck time slot is scheduled from quarter till the hour until a quarter past the hour, and from a quarter past until quarter till. APMTMVII offers a slot time at night of 20:15 in the evening until 03:45 in the morning with a grace of up to 45 minutes before and 45 minutes after the time slot. During weekends, APMTMVII uses a slot time of 20:15 Friday evening until 3:45 Monday morning with a grace of up to 45 minutes before and 45 minutes after the time slot.

How far in advance can a slot be requested from the terminal?

A slot can always be requested, the container can only be picked up if the status is OK.

What do I need to do when I am not able to meet the the assigned time slot?

If you are not able to meet the assigned time slot, you need to send an update on the expected time of arrival via Portbase’s (PCS) service Road Planning in order to adjust the slot time.

What will happen if I cannot be helped in the assigned time slot as a result of a disruption at the terminal?

In the event of a calamity, it may be necessary to shut down the terminal, hereby operators don’t have access to the terminal. In case of smaller disruptions, trucks will be directed to the Truck Parking. When the terminal re-opens they will be admitted on a FiFo basis. When the terminal remains closed for a long period, all time slots within that period will be cancelled. In the event of a calamity, it is always the responsibility of the truck operator to reschedule a slot that has been cancelled.

What happens if the documentation for a number of containers on a train proves not to be in order?

When a number of the containers at the train don’t have the OK status, the train is admitted to the terminal. The containers which have a NOT OK status, are not discharged.

How much time before the arrival of the train at the terminal, need the documentation details be known by the terminal?

De documentation details are divided in two parts. The status request of the import containers needs to be done before ETA deep sea vessel. This to ensure that the container will be placed in the right stack. The pre-announcement can be done until 6 hours before ETA train, then the status have to be directly OK.

How does the terminal deal with trains that are arriving 'too late'? Will these trains be admitted or will they be rejected?

Trains will not be rejected and will be admitted to the terminals if there is capacity available. In case the container information (documents / containers) is not in order, these containers will not be loaded/discharged.

To what extent will APM Terminals MVII check for dangerous goods (IMO-labels, UNDG-numbers) when delivering IMO-containers?

This will always be done. These details are important in a dischargelist of a train, barge or truck. In case the IMO details do not match, the container will not be allowed at the terminal.

What is the definition of the terms Gate In and Gate Out?

Gate In is the moment a container receives a position in the yard. Gate out for truck is after presenting the cargocard at the Gate Out pedestal. For train and barge, Gate Out is the moment the loading at the barge/train is confirmed.

What if multiple parties submit the same document information via Notification Export Documentation and/or Notification Import Documentation?

If the documents have been submitted already an error message will be send. Except for the NED document types ICT and MID, these documents can be overwritten.

What is the Portbase’s (PCS) average uptime and what should be done if the container and document pre-announcements cannot be submitted electronically via Portbase?

Portbase (PCS) guarantees an uptime of 99.5%. The system is redundantly (double) implemented in order to guarantee maximum continuity. In case of (partial) failure, backup procedures enter into force in consultation so that work can continue.

Is there an (emergency) desk where documents can be delivered in case the documents are (accidentally) not pre-announced?

At APM Terminals MVII there is an (emergency) desk next to the truck parking where physical documents can be delivered. The documents still need to be electronically pre-announced to get an OK status. At the (emergency) desk, the documents can be scanned. But, this has to be done before the treshold of the truck slot time.

Can the ETA of a barge be added in the pre-announcement?

Yes, this is a standard part of the service Barge Planning.

Who receives the Arrival at Exit?

The Customs will receive the Arrival at Exit.

How does the process of applying for a Cargo Card proceed and is this internationally known?

For this, you can approach the Cargo Card’s administrator, Secure Logistics (www.secure-logistics.nl). Certainly in Belgium and Germany, the mandatory use of the Cargo Card in Rotterdam is sufficiently known.

How can the truck drivers identify themselves at the terminal?

At APM Terminals MVII truck drivers can identify themselves with a Cargo Card and a Finger Vein. This Finger Vein can be placed at the Cargo Card at the terminal.

How does APM Terminals MVII communicate about operational deviations?

APM Terminals MVII communicate at container level via Portbase (PCS). Next to that, disruptions will be communicated via the operational website www.DailyLiftingMVII.nl.

What happens if a ship has been delayed? What feedback does the terminal make (to exporters, forwarders, importers and operators)?

APM Terminals MVII communicate at container level via Portbase (PCS). Next to that, disruptions will be communicated via the operational website www.DailyLiftingMVII.nl.

How far in advance needs the second driver to be pre-announced at the terminal?

A driver in training can be announced in advance via MVII.security@apmterminals.com. All other passengers are for safety reasons not allowed on the terminal.

Can I request a slot before the Notification Import Documentation is submitted?

It is possible to request a slot time at any time in combination with a pre-notification in Road Planning. The driver, however, is only allowed into the terminal once the Notification Import Documentation has also been submitted and all the statuses in the service Road Planning are at green.

Why does APM Terminals MVII wants to know the next modality in advance?

CIn this way, after discharge the containers can be stacked directly at the right location. APM Terminals MVII makes use of dedicated stack, when the container is placed directly in the right stack delays and extra actions can be prevented.

How quickly is a container available after discharge?

Once the Notification Import Documentation has been done and all statuses in the service Road Planning are at green, the container is available immediately after it is unloaded.

What information does the driver need to be allowed into the terminal?

He needs to have a valid Cargo Card or Visitor’s Pass, a legible registration plate and a valid TAR number. So, the driver only needs to have his TAR number with him; the PIN code is already checked and matched in Portbase.

To be able to plan my slots properly as a transporter, it is important to know exactly when a container is discharged. Is this information available?

An indication of the expected discharge time will be communicated as feedback on the status request via Portbase (PCS).

I already delivered my container at the terminal but I mentioned that I provided a wrong container number. What do I need to do to change this?

It is not possible to deliver another container than mentioned in the pre-announcement. The pre-announcement needs to be cancelled and the right container number needs to be provided in a new pre-announcement.

Who can request slots at the terminal?

All truck operators who work with the service Road Planning.

How far in advance do I need to pre-announce in order to obatain a suitable time slot?

Obtaining a suitable time slot depends on the crowds at the terminal. The reservation of a time slot may preferably be made as early as possible. Because the whole capacity will be available continuously, we expect that there will be sufficient time slots. However, during peak times, it can occur that there are a couple hours between the prefered time slot and the assigned time slot.

Is it still possible to pre-announce within 30 minutes before arrival at the terminal?

At APM Terminals MVII it is possible to reserve a time slot within 30 minutes before arrival, provided that there are time slots available.

What happens if a desired time slot is full?

When a desired time slot is full, APM Terminals MVII will assign to you the next, nearest time slot.

The container is not correctly pre-announced, for example the container number is not correct. Will my time slot expire now?

When your container is pre-announced wrong it is sufficient to send an update via Portbase’s (PCS) service Road Planning with the right information.

What are the facilities for truck drivers at APM Terminals MVII?

When you arrive before your time slot at APM Terminals MVII, there are truck parkings and facilities that you can visit. At the terminal, truck drivers can make use of toilets.

Is it possible to deliver a container at APM Terminals Rotterdam and to pick up a container at APM Terminals MVII in one time slot?

De two terminals of APM Terminals at the Maasvlakte are two seperate entities. When you want to visit both terminals, you will need two TAR codes.

Is it possible for a truck driver to enter mulitple TAR codes at the pole?

No, 1 TAR code per visit. A TAR code stands for a time slot in which, provided that the containers are pre-announced correctly, multiple containers can be delivered and picked up. Multiple TAR codes means multiple times entering and leaving the terminal. When making a pre-announcement, you have the possibility to link it to an already existing slotreference. When the driver will be delivering or picking up multiple containers in a single visit to the terminal, it is thus necessary to link the pre-announcement for new containers to an existing TAR code. This can be done by entering the known TAR number into the Portbase service Road Planning when submitting the pre-announcement for a new container.

Can the seal number be overwritten after the pre-announcement?

By sending an update, the previously entered seal number can be overwritten.

What happens if a truck driver is too late for a time slot?

A time slot is an appointment between operator and terminal. It is the responsibility of the truck operator to take action when he is not able to meet the assigned time slot. The truck operator can reschedule the appointment or cancel the appointment and make a new one.

Do the users of the Cargo Card need to purchase a new Cargo Card if they want to enter the site of APM Terminals MVII?

No. The newest version of the Cargo Card (4K) does already have a Finger Vein function. The old version needs to be complemented with a Finger Vein. This can be done at the terminal and this will take a couple minutes.