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Each visiting seagoing vessel is handled quickly and safely at APM Terminals Maasvlakte II. The SQCs (Super Quay Cranes) are designed for the very largest container vessels of today and tomorrow. The crane process is approximately 80% automated, with the remaining manual operation being performed remotely. The dual lifting technology provides greater stability, so that work can go on even under severe weather conditions. From 2016, we will be able to discharge and load two 40-foot containers in tandem. With these innovations in our deep-sea service, we are taking a great step forward in productivity. Since the time required for discharging and loading is significantly reduced, the deep-sea vessel can continue its journey quickly.

Seamless hinterland connections

The connection from sea to land-side modalities is seamless. The terminal layout has been designed in such a way as to avoid bottlenecks and congestion at the terminal. When discharged, the containers are pre-stacked according to further transportation. Each modality has dedicated capacity available. An approach which results in quick terminal throughput and direct container availability. The exchange of information for pre-notification and documentation precedes the container itself and takes place entirely via Portbase, the Dutch Port Community System.

Cooperation with carriers

Our processes are tailored to those of hauliers, and vice-versa. This partnership and transparency between us and hauliers results in a container supply chain that is both efficient and reliable.

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